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NTI - Bite Guards

Have you experienced ear or jaw pain and don’t know the source? What about migraines? Is there a solution when medications and other therapies don’t quite get the job done? A trip to the dentist might be just what the doctor ordered. With the device, NTI bite guard, many patients are learning there is an alternative to treating their chronic pain.

Migraines are complex in nature, but one of the causes affecting many people is night teeth grinding. It can be difficult to spot, as most patients aren’t conscious of the sleeping behavior, but there are a few ways to recognize nocturnal teeth grinding. Unexplainable earaches, jaw pain, loud grinding that wakes up your sleeping partner, and clenching your jaw during waking hours are common symptoms. With the use of the NTI bite guard, most of these symptoms disappear, providing much needed relief from symptom and migraine pain.

So, how does it work? Quite simply, really. All that’s needed is a phone call to Dr. Miller’s office and an appointment time. After careful analysis of the situation, the doctor and courteous staff will custom fit the NTI bite guard appliance using impressions to ensure a perfect fit. Once the appliance is properly fitted, it won’t move until correctly removed by hand.

Using the NTI bite guard and your body’s natural reflex to avoid biting on anything hard, Dr. Miller and his staff can have you in and out of the door, with your new appliance, in about a half an hour. Call today to learn more about this innovative technology.